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5 Benefits of Preplanning Your Cremation

Published: July 25, 2022
by John L. Ziegenhein and Sons Funeral Home

cremation services in Affton, MO

It is possible to preplan with cremation services in Affton, MO, but why should you? The following is a list of benefits of pre-planning your cremation.

1. Ensure you get the final farewell you want

The number one advantage of preplanning is guaranteeing the cremation. As a final disposition method, more people may be choosing cremation, but not everyone is on board.

Without a concrete plan for everyone to follow, your family may choose to bury you instead. And this difference in preferences does not stop with how they care for your body.

Everything else, from where your ashes are scattered to the type of cremation you want, and the accompanying service will be open to changes. But a preplan can prevent this and ensure you get the final farewell you desire.

Part of the guarantee comes from the fact that a preplan is a legally binding document. The funeral home is required to follow your instructions as laid down.

2. Help alleviate your family’s stress

Even when the family is open to having a cremation, it still requires a lot of planning, especially if it’s a traditional cremation. Unless it’s a direct cremation, without a solid plan to follow, family members will have to figure out your wishes from the ground up.

This creates significant physical and emotional stress, as they will worry about doing the wrong thing while making the arrangements.

Preplanning your cremation alleviates this burden. There’s no confusion or doubt about what you want, and your family can simply focus on ensuring the funeral home executes them accordingly.

3. Lock in today’s prices and save money

Cremation, while less expensive than a burial, still costs a significant amount of money except for direct cremation. Hence, if you want a cremation with an elaborate service, a preplan can help you lock in today’s prices and save money.

When the time comes, the funeral home will deliver the specified services at the price you paid for them, even if there’s been an increase.

Additionally, planning gives you time to scrutinize your choices and remove unnecessary services. You also have the time to compare prices and certify you’re getting the best deal, which your family may not have the time to do when arranging an at-need cremation.

And since you can also prepay, your loved ones won’t be weighed down by the financial obligations of your desires.

4. Give your family space to support one another

All these practical advantages give your family members room to support one another. Without being consumed by the financial, physical, and emotional stress of arranging your cremation, they have the time and energy to help each other grieve.

No one has to grieve alone or repress their pain because they are busy ensuring everything is in place.

5. Help avoid family conflict

cremation services in  Affton, MO

On the flip side, a preplan prevents family conflict. Since everyone knows what you want, there’s no disagreement on how the funeral arrangements should be handled. Everyone knows their role, what to do and how to do it.

Without a preplan, family members who do not agree with each other may end up having hard feelings that could create an additional burden during an emotionally taxing time.

Preplanning your cremation is a loving gift to yourself and your loved one, and working with an expert funeral home can help you make the most of it.

Ready to get started? Call us now to preplan your cremation services in Affton, MO. Our staff will help you understand your options in a simple process that will give your peace of mind.

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