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4 Reasons to Consider Traditional Cremation

Published: October 3, 2022
by John L. Ziegenhein and Sons Funeral Home

cremation services in St. Louis, MO

Traditional cremation, a full-service funeral offered by cremation services in St. Louis, MO, is much more involved than direct cremation. Hence, it’s no surprise that most people prefer the latter, especially since it’s also the most affordable cremation option.

However, like most things, traditional cremation has pros and cons. While traditional cremation attracts the highest cost of cremation, there are still a few practical reasons to consider having one.

If you’re unsure of which cremation service is right for you or your loved one, we discuss these benefits below:

Has traditional funeral services

Traditional cremation is a conventional funeral service that ends in cremation instead of a burial. It allows you to do everything you would expect of a standard funeral service, like viewing, wake, or church service while the deceased’s body is present.

As a result, traditional cremation is perfect for families with members who prefer a conventional funeral to a contemporary approach. The funeral rites occur before the cremation, and the services like a celebration of life can happen afterward.

It’s also a helpful option if the deceased belonged to a religion like Catholicism or Judaism that encourages members to have a proper funeral before cremation.

Enough time for everyone to say goodbye

Popular as it is, a significant downside of direct cremation is not everyone gets a chance to see the body before it’s cremated. The cremation generally takes place within 48 hours, ending any possibility of faraway relatives who can’t make it in time to say goodbye to their beloved.

This is a problem choosing traditional cremation can fix. Since the cremation takes place after observing all funeral rites, there’s enough time for everyone, wherever they are, to make the trip to their loved one for the last time.

Here, the body is preserved through embalming and ceremonial dressing, making it presentable for public viewing that can last days.

More affordable than traditional burial

Suppose you’re considering traditional cremation as a compromise between direct cremation and traditional burial. Then you will be pleased to know it’s not as expensive as the latter.

You don’t have to spend on a burial plot or other cemetery expenses. Plus, funeral homes have a casket rental you can use for the viewing or wake without needing to buy one.

As a result, a traditional cremation costs, on average, $1,000 less than a burial. It’s an economical way to host a traditional funeral for a loved one.

Allows different final resting place options

cremation services in St. Louis, MO

Cremating the body after the funeral rites enables you to honor your loved one in a way unique to their personality. Instead of burying them in a cemetery, there are countless ways you can handle the ashes.

This expansion of final resting place options is a core advantage of blending traditional funeral practice with a contemporary service. You can have a celebration of life at a special location with the cremated remains or a scattering ceremony somewhere the deceased person enjoyed.

Ready to take advantage? Our cremation services in St. Louis, MO, include traditional cremation. We will help you arrange funeral services while providing exceptional care for your loved one. Our phone is available 24/7. Call us now to get started.

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